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The best hikes right in the heart of the Dolomites. Cristal clear alpine lakes, beautiful walks, majestic peaks, museums and much more…


Lake Dobbiaco

Lake Landro

Lake Braies

Lake Anterselva

Lake Misurina

Lake Antorno


Tre Cime (Drei Zinnnen)


Monte Elmo

Croda Rossa

Prato Piazza

Alpine Wildlife parks:

Wildlife park in Dobbiaco

Wildlife park in Assling


Water falls:

Reinbach water falls

Galitzenklamm water falls


Beauty of nature:

Biotope Rasun-Anterselva

Earth pyramids at Perca

Nature park Fanes Sennes Braies

Nature park Dolomit di Sesto



Folklore Museum in Teodone (Dietenheim)

The crib museum in Luttago

Mining Museum in Prettau - Val Aurina (Ahrntal)

Nature park house at the cultural centre in the Grand Hotel in Dobbiaco


Grand-Hotel Dobbiaco

Baroque church in Dobbiaco

Gustav-Mahler-house and   composing house

The oldest Via Crucis of Tyrol



Taufers Castle near Campo Tures

Castle of Brunico: RIPA (Messner Mountain Museum)

Bruck castle near Lienz

Guest from  Hotel Rosengarten at the lake of Dobbiaco

Lake Dobbiaco (Toblacher See)

... is one of the most beautiful trout waters in South Tyrol. Watch the nature as you walk round the lake, ideal also for children.

Lake di Landro at Dobbiaco

Lago di Landro (Dürrensee)

The Lago di Landro is a beautiful lake set amidst the valley of Landro. You will be impressed by the imposing peaks of the Dolomites surrounding you.

Wild lake of Braies

Lake of Braies (Pragser Wildsee) of the largest mountain lakes in Pustertal situated in the National Park Fanes-Sennes-Prags 1.500 m above sea level. The Seekofelmassiv rises majestically from the lake, reflecting in the water.

Lake of Anterselva near Dobbiaco

Lake Anterselva

The Anterselva Lake is the third largest lake in South Tyrol and has definitely the most beautiful setting. It is approx. 1 km long and 710 m large and up to 37 m deep. According to the legend once upon a time there were three beautiful farms. One day a poor hungry man stopped at every farm to beg for some bread but was sent away at every farm. Leaving the last farm he said: ”Behind your house there will be a little spring leaking and you will see what it will do”. The spring became bigger and bigger and the farms were submerged by the water of the lake.

Lake of Misurina near Dobbiaco

Lake Misurina

Between the mountains of Cristallo and Cadini you will find the lake Misurina. Without doubt one of the most famous and picturesque lakes of the Dolomites. The majestic peaks of the Dolomites reflect in the clear water of the lake. Misurina is also the starting point of many hikes and excursions and the starting point of the 7 km long toll-panorama-road, which takes you to the Auronzo mountain hut, at the feet of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Lake Antorno between Dobbiaco and Tre Peaks

Lake Antorno

A small but charming lake along the road from Misurina to the Auronzo mountain hut. From here you can enjoy a marvellous view of the Tre Cime and the Cadini Group.

Tre Peaks in Dobbiaco

Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen)

The world famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo are the most unique and beautiful mountains of the Eastern Alps. Especially the view from the northern side, where you see these massive three peaks, rising up to the blue sky. They are 2999 m high and are one of the most popular climbing paradises. The mountain huts (Auronzo, Lavaredo and Tre Cime) are easily reachable along a beautiful path.

Fun Bob - in San Candico

Monte Baranci – a great spot for families

You can reach the Baranci mountain hut (1.500 m) by chairlift or walking up along the trail through the forest. The hut offers a good restaurant, a large children’s playground, a petting zoo and a lot of space to play for your kids. The restaurant of the Baranci offers a special menu for your kids. This is also the starting point for many beautiful walks and hikes to discover the area. Or try out the unique FUNBOB – Italy’s first summer toboggan run. It provides a great fun factor. You can reach the speed of 10m/7sec! Enjoy a 1.7 km long ride: more information here

In winter the Baranci ski area attracts especially families with children. The wide and easy runs are perfect for children and at the top of the Baranci children will have fun in the snow tubing park and on the kid’s playground.

Helm, Aussichts- und Skiberg

Monte Elmo – peaceful forests and stunning views

Take the gondola and reach 2.200 m of altitude. From here the view to the Dolomites of Sesto is amazing. And then start along one of the many trails to discover the beauty of the mountains. In winter the Monte Elmo ski area offers many great runs with different difficulty levels for skiing enthusiasts.


Prati di Croda Rossa – wonderful alpine pastures

You can take the lift to the mountain station (2000 m) and start for your excursion from here. During winter the area is renowned for its great skiing possibilities, offering great runs for the whole family. The long toboggan run is a thrilling experience especially for your kids.


Prato Piazza – alpine meadows with great views

The large plateau between the Picco di Vallandro and the Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo offers immaculate alpine meadows and a breathtaking view of the Dolomites. The Pale Mountains are even more beautiful from up here.


Wildlife park in Dobbiaco

Wildlife park Dobbiaco

The wildlife park is nestled in a beautiful natural landscape, surrounded by stunning scenery. It will introduce you to the wildlife of the region. You can see many different animals; some of them are endangered species.

Wildlife park Assling near Lienz

Wildlife park Assling (near Lienz)

The animals live in a natural environment in an 80.000 m² animal enclosure, covered by the meadows and forests of the Pedretscher farm. More than 100 indigenous animals and 30 different species can be observed in the reserve. The wildlife park also offers an educational forest trail, a restaurant and a summer toboggan run. more information


Waterfalls Reinbach - Taufers

Reinbach Waterfalls

...a combination of three waterfalls, one bigger and more powerful than the other. These must be some of the most impressive waterfalls in the whole of South Tyrol. The largest of the falls is 42 m high. To reach the falls, take the path from Sand in Taufers.

Galitzenklamm gorge  on the bike road from Dobbiaco to Lienz

Galitzenklamm gorge (Lienzer Dolomiten – Osttirol)

The Galitzenklamm gorge attracts many people every year. Walk along the well-maintained boardwalk to the very edge of the wild river, tumbling over cliffs and rocks. Marvel at the relentless power of nature. The rock bridge offers amazing views of the Lienz Dolomites Range. The trail offers information boards, explaining facts on history, geology, birds and plants.


Biotop Rasner Möser in Antholz

Biotope Rasun - Anterselva

Many landslides throughout the years created a 35 acres large moor. Walking along the educational trail visitors can discover the typical animal and plant life living in this protected natural reserve.

Erth Pyramids at Perca between Dobbiaco and Brunico

Earth Pyramids at Perca (Percha) Platten by Percha, 1550 to 1750 m above sea level. Remains from the ice age, mica schist, granite and chalk interspersed with angular, slabs of stones and rocks form this natural wonder. Every year produces another picture due to the influence of the weather. You can reach the Earth Pyramids either by car or along a shady path from Percha.

Nature park Fanes-Sennes-Braies

Nature park Fanes-Sennes-Braies

The nature park Fanes-Sennes-Braies covers an area of about 25.680 acres and the municipalities of Badia, Braies, Dobbiaco, La Valle, Marebbe and Valdaora. The mountain cliffs facing Val Pusteria are the northern borders of the park. In the west the park borders with Val Badia, in the south with the Veneto region and in the east with the Val di Landro.

Nature Park Dolomiti  with view to the Tre Peaks

Nature park Dolomiti di Sesto, in Dobbiaco, Sesto and San Candido

The nature park Dolomiti di Sesto covers an area of about 11.635 acres and comprehends the municipalities of San Candido, Sesto and Dobbiaco. It is the most northern-eastern point of the Dolomites and borders with Val Pusteria in the north, with the valley of Sesto in the east, with the regional boarder of Veneto in the south and with the Val di Landro in the west.

Folklore Museum in Teaodone (Dietenheim) 30 min from Dobbiaco

Folklore Museum in Teodone (Dietenheim)

Folklore Museum in Dietenheim is an open-air museum in which the life of the farmers from the Middle Ages has been recreated. All buildings are original buildings, which have been transported here, and re erected.

crib muserum in luttago (Krippenmuseum Luttach)

The crib museum in Luttago

The folk art and crib museum Maranatha displays typical Tyrolean and Oriental cribs, featuring the Nativity. The first part of the museum reminds the visitor of a traditional Tyrolean barn, constructed from the wood taken from an old barn in Predoi. The cribs show the old Tyrolean crib tradition displaying old farms and mountain landscapes. The love of detail is only visible at closer viewing. The Oriental part, displays beautiful paintings and a 80m2 large oriental nativity-scene with live-size wooden figures under a romantic star-studded sky. The modern art gallery displays nativity-scenes of many popular artists. You can combine the visit to this marvellous museum with the mining museum of Predoi or the castle of Campo Tures. Information

Mining Museum in Prettau

Mining Museum in Prettau - Val Aurina (Ahrntal)

Mining Museum in Prettau gives you an insight into what it was like to work in a mine. Travel through the tunnels on a pit train and see for yourself. Informationen

Nature park house at the cultural center of Dobbiaco

Nature park house at the cultural centre in the Grand Hotel in Dobbiaco

The nature park house of the Dolomiti di Sesto and of Fanes-Sennes-Braies is situated at the Grand Hotel Dobbiaco and has been recently renovated. It provides information about nature and geology of the nature parks and explains the hard life of soldiers during the World War on the Dolomite front. The adventure workshops enable particularly younger visitors to smell and see nature. The aquarium displays frogs and toads from the area and the multi-vision displays provide insights into the biodiversity of all seven nature parks in South Tyrol.

Cultural center "Grand Hotel" Dobbiaco/Toblach

Grand-Hotel Dobbiaco / Toblach

At the end of the 19th century this was one of the most luxurious hotels in the whole of Europe. Particularly the aristocracy enjoyed staying here. 
Today the hotel is a congress center and also accommodates the Nature Park Museum, in which the development of the Dolomites and the flora and fauna of the mountains can be discovered by touching, smelling, listening and looking. Informationen

Parich Church in Dobbiaco

Parish Church "HL. Johannes der Täufer"

This Baroque church in Toblach is one of the most impressive in South Tyrol.

Gustav Mahler  composing house

Gustav-Mahler-house and composing house

Gustav Mahler was one of the most famous guests of Dobbiaco. Between 1908 and 1910 he and his wife Alma used to spend their summer holidays in Dobbiaco. During his stays he created the “Ninth Symphony” the unfinished “Tenth” and the “Lied der Erde”. To find peace, he would hide in the composing house, a little wooden hut in a beautiful forest. Today the composing house as well as his room can be visited. In his honour the town of Dobbiaco organizes the annual Gustav Mahler weeks.

Te oldest via crucis of Tyrol 200m next Hotel Rosengaten, Dobbiaco

The oldest Via Crucis of Tyrol

The oldest Via Crucis of Tyrol, also known as “calvary hill”, comprehends 5 passion chapels dating back 1519, the old chapel of the church in Dobbiaco and the chapel in Lerschach.

Bruneck, Stadtgasse


The town of Brunico is the capital of the Val Pusteria. Since ancient times the town was the political and economic centre of the “green valley”. Today it is a picturesque small town with lovely cafes, excellent shops and renowned restaurants. Stroll through the romantic old town, enjoy the magnificent old buildings and just take your time to relax.

Taufers Castle in Campo Tures in Val Aurina (Tauers im Ahrntal)

Taufers Castle in Campo Tures in Val Aurina (Tauers im Ahrntal)

...lies high above the valley and is one of the largest castles in South Tyrol. You can visit most of the 64 rooms and admire the Roman and Gothic works of art, and put yourself back in the age of the knights.

Castle of Brunico RIPA (Messner Mountain Museum)

Castle of Brunico RIPA (Messner Mountain Museum)

This unique museum is definitely worth a visit. This is part of the MMM, a network of museums created by the famous climber Reinhold Messner and is dedicated to the mountains and the mountain culture. You will discover the live of the mountain people from the Alps to the Himalaya, from the Andes to Africa. Dwellings, videos and pieces of art provide insight into their culture, religion and daily life. It is an amazing tour through all five continents. Information

Bruck castle near Lienz

Bruck castle near Lienz

This medieval castle was the residence of the Counts of Görz. Today it belongs to the town of Lienz and is a museum chronicling the region’s rich heritage and regularly holds changing exhibitions on specific themes. The museum also features many works of the painter Albin Egger-Lienz.