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Our partners for the best ingredients

During your stay at the Hotel Rosengarten you can enjoy the products of the following producers:

Alpe Pragas: Gruber Stefan

Stefan Gruber lives in the beautiful village of Braies and knows how to create exquisite jams using the best kinds of fruit. The small, family owned company, produces jams, smoothies, chutneys and many more fruity delights. You can taste these specialties at breakfast but we also use them to for our cakes and other specialties.

Alpepragas producer for Hotel Rosengarten

Hackerhof: Lanz Bernhard

The Hackerhof in Dobbiaco is well known for its high quality meat. We buy their specially spiced salami, their speck and their smoked meats.

Hackerhof producer for Hotel Rosengarten

Rader Heinrich: cattle, calves (veterinarian)

Rader Heinrich, vet and farmer from Dobbiaco, delivers us the strictly controlled and biological meat from his farm.

Rader Heinrich producer for Hotel Rosengarten

Bachmann Stefan

Bachmann Stefan owns a small farm where he breeds sheep. He delivers us the best lamb meat for delicious dishes.

Bachmann Stefan producer for Hotel Rosengarten

Fam. Ortner (Santerhof): Free range eggs

From the Santerhof of the Ortner family we buy our eggs from happy free-range chicken.

Video of the Santerhof in German

Familiy Ortner producer for Hotel Rosengarten

Dairy factory Tre Cime: (dairy products: milk, butter, cheese, yogurt)

The dairy factory Tre Cime in Dobbiaco is well known for its high quality dairy products. We buy excellent products such as cheese, butter, yogurt and milk.

producer for Hotel Rosengarten


Loacker Fabrik

Caldaro Winery

During your stay at the Hotel Rosengarten you should not forget to taste the excellent wines from the Caldaro winery. Fruity red wines as the renowned Pinot Noir or the Merlot as well as delicate white wines like the Chardonnay. We are pleased to recommend the wine, which perfectly pairs with your dinner.

caldaro winery producer for Hotel Rosengarten

Bio potatoes fields from  Hotel Rosengartenvegetables field from Hotel Rosengarten in Dobbiaco DolomitesBachmann Stefan producer for Hotel Rosengarten Hotel Rosengarten in Dobbiaco