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Our hiking suggestions

Prato Piazza – Braies

Starting point: Brückele/Ponticello (1491 m), Braies.

From Brückele/Ponticello in Braies take the forest trail nr. 37 and reach the beautiful meadows of Prato Piazza (1992 m). The view to the Dolomites from here is stunning! You can also take trail nr. 18 to the Stollgraben. It will take you through beautiful meadows to the Stolla pastures and from there to Prato Piazza.

Walking time: 2 hours; trail numbers: 37 or 18; best time: from May to October. In winter you can enjoy a great sledge run along the trail.

Difficulty level: medium. 


Picco di Vallandro - 2829 m

Starting point: Prato Piazza (1992 m), Braies.

The hike up to the top of Picco di Vallandro is a must for every nature enthusiast. It is a jewel amidst the unique mountain scenery of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Start behind the mountain hut on Prato Piazza and walk along beautiful meadows reaching the alpine landscape. The last part of the trail to the peak is a little exposed and is equipped with a wire cable. After conquering the peak you will be rewarded by a stunning view of the Dolomites.

Walking time: 3 hours; trail number: nr. 40; best time: mid June to mid October. In winter it is a popular ski touring and snowshoeing excursion.

Difficulty level: medium.


Tour around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Starting point: Rifugio Auronzo (2320 m).

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo is the emblem of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. You will be stunned by the unique views of these towering peaks rising to the sky just in front of you. The loop around the three peaks starts from the Auronzo mountain hut and leads along an easy trail (nr. 101) to the Lavaredo mountain hut (2344 m). From here a short climb takes you to the Monte Paterno (2454 m) where you will have a great view of the Tre Cime. The trail continues to the Rifugio Tre Cime (2405 m). From here follow trail nr. 105 to the Rienz Boden and to the Langen Alpe. After a short climb to the Forcella Col di Mezzo you reach the Auronzo mountain hut.

Walking time: 3,5 hours; trail number: nr. 101 and nr. 105; best time: mid June to October.

Difficulty level: easy.

Please note: There is a toll road to the Auronzo mountain hut. You can also take the bus.


Discovering Roman history from Dobbiaco to Monguelfo

Starting point: Dobbiaco, Dobbiaco Ratsberg.

The Roman path starts from Ratsberg, a small mountain hamlet and takes you through peaceful forests and enchanting meadows. Sometimes with some luck you can also admire some deer, peacefully grazing amidst the trees.

Walking time: Dobbiaco - Ratsberg: 1 hour
Alpenhotel Ratsberg - Monguelfo: 4 hours; trail number: nr. 41; best time: end of April to November.

Difficulty level: medium.


Rocca dei Baranci 2174 m

Starting point: San Candido, valley or mountain station of the Baranci chairlift.

Start from the valley station of the Monte Baranci chairlift and take the trail nr.6. This beautiful unpaved road amidst the forest will take you to the Monte Baranci mountain hut. You can also reach the mountain hut by chairlift. From here take trail nr. 7, slightly downhill to the meadows of Schmiedelwiese and then through the forest to Kaser. From here the trail gets a little steeper and turns-off to Innerfeldtal and continues all the way to the peak of the Baranci.

Walking time: San Candido – mountain station: 1 hour;
mountain station – Rocca dei Baranci: 2 hours; trail numbers: nr. 6 and nr. 7; best time: mid May to October. Difficulty level: medium.


Corno di Fana

Starting point: hamlet of Candelle, Dobbiaco, San Silvestro (1600 m).

The trail starts from the gate in Gandelle and leads along a wide path to the valley of Golfenbach. Follow the wide trail through the trees up to the edge of the forest and finally across wide grassy slopes to the Bonner mountain hut. From here you walk along a grassy ridge and along a steeper getting path to the peak of the Corno di Fana (2663 m).

Walking time: Dobbiaco-Gandelle: 1,5 hours;
Gandelle – Corno di Fana: 3,5 hours;
 trail number: nr. 25; best time: end of May to the end of October.

Difficulty level: difficult.


Monte Specie – Prato Piazza (1992 m - 2307 m)

Starting point: Prato Piazza (1992 m), Braies.

The trail (nr. 34) takes you from the Picco di Vallandro mountain hut (2040 m) along a wide carriage road amidst wonderful alpine meadows. From here the trail gets a little steeper. After a short climb over a little saddle you reach the peak of Monte Specie (2307 m). From up here you can enjoy an amazing view to the imposing world of the Dolomites.

Walking time: Prato Piazza – Monte Specie: 1 hour; trail number: nr. 34;
 best time: June to the end of October.

Difficulty level: easy.


Monte Piano

Starting point: Lago di Vallandro

From the lake of Vallandro you walk along trail nr. 6, where you can discover the traces of WWI. The steep trail with fixed wires takes you the soldier’s cemetery. From here you can climb along the via ferrata (difficult) or follow the steep path to the peak of the Monte Piano. At the top you will be rewarded by a great view of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and of the imposing peaks of the Cristallo. From the top you can follow the trail along the old war posts to the Carducci-pyramids (2324 m). From here follow trail nr. 64 to walk down to Carbonin.

Walking time: for the entire loop: 6 hours; trail number: nr. 6 and nr. 64;
 best time: June to September.

Difficulty level: difficult.


Dobbiaco high trail (1360 m - 2663 m)

Starting point: Rifugio Genziana mountain hut, San Silvestro, Dobbiaco (1360 m)

The high mountain trail starts at the rifugio Genziana and leads along trail nr. 24 (or H for high mountain trail) along the meadows of San Silvestro to Cornetto di Confine (2546 m). From here the trail leads slightly downhill to Blankenstein (2475 m) and then along a rocky road to the eastern side of the Corno di Fana and to the Pfanntörl (2511 m). From here the trail becomes steeper reaching the Corno Alto (2500 m) and Monte Calvo (2493 m). The return leads through beautiful alpine meadows and forests to the Genziana mountain hut.

Walking time: for the entire loop with small climbs to the surrounding peaks; 8-10 hours; trail number: the high path is signed with H – high trail and nr. 24; best time: June to September. Difficulty level: Good physical condition and surefootedness required; in early spring there might be some snow along the trail. It is possible to shorten the tour.


Alpe-Nemes mountain hut and Klammbachalm pastures

Starting point: Sesto/Moso (1337 m) or Passo Monte Croce (1635 m)

The trail to the Alpe-Nemes mountain hut starts at the church of Moso and leads left onto a paved road. The road soon changes into a gravel road. After 2 hours you reach the Nemes pastures. The easy trail leads through beautiful pastures with many small mountain huts. The last part is a little steeper. The Alpe-Nemes mountain hut lies on 1877 m.
You can also start the tour from the Passo Monte Croce. Behind the hotel follow a small, unpaved road to the pastures and the mountain hut.

Walking time: from Moso: 2,5 hours; from Passo Monte Croce: 1,5 hours;
 trail numbers: nr. 13 and nr. 131; best time: June to October.

Difficulty level: easy.



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